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Starlight Engine

is to be a complete game authoring environment for Microsoft's Zune HD platform,
including tools for level design, scripting, packaging and graphics. Features include
accelerometer/multi-touch screen support and a custom binary scene format. More
features to be added, look at the Design Doc.


Project ceased.

Due to an unplanned change to support multiple platforms that the architecture really wasn't designed for. Have a look at Autumn Engine for a replacement, written by me also.

  • Rename
- Project renamed to Starlight Engine, mostly due to the word Zune being used in the title, would like to avoid trouble with MS.
  • 0.2.2 Released.
- Add's support for zune, actually runs. Introduces the Camera; exposed in the Scene class.
Introduces 'Orientation' system, to easily know how the device is being held.
Level editor has been enhanced, with camera controls and custom textures.

Quick Start Guide

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